Links to Some of Our Favorite Rescues:

Almost Home would like to send a special Thank You to our fellow rescuers and friends who are always willing to help when called. Please see the list below for some of the most reputable rescue groups in our area, and across the southeast.


Animal Relief Fund (ARF)

Animal Relief Fund (ARF) serves all of middle Tennessee in rescuing dogs of all sizes, as well as horses. A very special thanks goes to Bridgid Woodbury, the founder and Director of ARF, as she taught us what good rescue is all about.


Weimaraner Rescue of the South

Weim Rescue of the South services Alabama, Mississippi, and parts of Tennesee, Georgia, and Louisiana.


Louisville Weim Rescue

Louisville Weim Rescue serves Kentucky and Indiana.


Tennessee Big Fluffy Dog Rescue

Big Fluffy Dog Rescue works to save Great Pyrenees, Saint Bernards, Newfoundlands and their mixes from euthanasia.



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Dealing with Separation Anxiety? Take a look at the links below for great information on how your pet can overcome separation anxiety.

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Rescue Announcements