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Animal Lovers Team to Rescue Shiner


December 19, 2012
Daily News Journal

MURFREESBORO — Shiner, a weimaraner who is roughly seven years old, was picked up found in a landfill in West Tennessee by a Brownsville animal shelter. The dog weighed about 45 lbs., approximately 35 pounds under its normal weight and was badly in need of medical care and nourishment.

“The infestation of worms alone would have killed [him] had we not intervened,” said Mary Hord, founder of Almost Home Animal Rescue in Murfreesboro.

The local nonprofit learned about the dog’s plight via Facebook. Shiner was picked up by a volunteer (the director of an emergency veterinarian clinic), and transported to Middle Tennessee. Veterinarian April Smith treated the dog in Murfreesboro.

“(Shiner) needs to gain about 20 pounds, then before we can address the heartworms issue,” Hord said.

Karen Mallard, president of Almost Home Animal Rescue, is looking after Shiner. She has been involved with the nonprofit for about six years.

“I got (a weimaraner) and found a passion for the breed,” Mallard said. “Almost Home happened to be one of the only rescue organizations that took this breed.”

The nonprofit has received donations to care for Shiner via Facebook from England, Colorado, Puerto Rico and California. In addition Hendrick Boards is putting out a limited edition T-shirt to raise money to go towards Shiner’s care. A portion of the limited-edition T-shirt sale will go to Shiner.

“We don’t know how many T-shirts they are going to sell,” said Hord. “Charges (for medical care for Shiner) so far are about $500. We estimate another $1,500, (including) about $1,000 for heartworms alone.”

The dog will also have to be neutered, which will cost another $250 to $300 Mallard said.

— Doug Davis

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