Adoption Updates

BeauBeau Ballou, adopted September 2006. Beau has survived a mysterious illness that eight vets could not identify. But today he is healthy and strong and a joy in my life. He helped comfort everyone in my family when my Dad became ill and passed away this last August.  His quiet presence and sweet manner consoled my Mom and gave her someone to hold on to.  And he helped me sleep at night during that sad time. He knew what his job was and did it so well. Rescue dogs are the best!




AddieWe adopted Addie from Almost Home in July of 2006. She is doing wonderfully! She and her big brother Bailey are inseperable. They play constantly and snuggle together for naps. She loves belly rubs and cuddling with Mom & Dad. She loves going for walks, riding in the car, visiting Grammy & PaPa's farm, playing with her toys, and curling up under a blanket for a nap.  She's very smart and has the sweetest personality--what a love! She isn't stingy with her kisses at all! Addie is definitely part of the family in every way. Everyone adores her, and our parents call them their "Granddogs" and spoil them rotten. She fits in so well with our family that it's hard to imagine she hasn't always been here. We are so lucky to have her in our lives!

Thank you for everything that Almost Home does--without you, we wouldn't have our special girl. 



ShermanSherman is about 2 1/2 now (we're guessing he was only 6 or 8 months old when we adopted him based on his growth), 105 lbs., totally sweet, and as you can see, quite handsome and happy. He's actually a Great Pyrennes mix, and has many characteristics of the breed. Sherm spends his days "guarding" the homestead, herding us down the hallway (or to wherever else he thinks we need to go), playing with his squeaky toys and napping. He is truly a gentle giant. Giving Sherman a forever home is the best decision we ever made!


I can't say enough about the good things you guys do.



HossHoss Angus Hill “The Boss” is a great fit. He gets along with everyone and has not met a person or other animal that he has not liked. He has by far been the best dog I have had when it comes to being a puppy. We are still working on the house training but are getting closer. Hoss does very well with our four year old and likes to lay around and sleep a lot. He is very smart and listens to most of our commands so far. I can’t say enough good things about him. Thank you very much.





AidenUPDATE - JUNE 24, 2008 Aiden is a wonderful addition to our family. He has been with us for 6 months . In only a short time he has learned to shake, down and stay. He should also be on the professional Frisbee circuit. He is VERY smart . I am very thankful to Almost Home for rescuing him and giving us the opportunity to adopt him.


We spent 5 full days with Aiden last week with out having to go to work so we could all bond a little. Aiden seems to be settling in well. No issues to report. He is so athletic.. it amazes me how agile, strong, and graceful he is. We have started playing Frisbee with him and he appears to be a natural. He has caught a few in the air and actually jumped over some in the air LOL .But he seems to love it !! He enjoys sleeping in bed with us and I believe if we did not get up he would stay with us as long as we were in bed !! But my husband and I are early risers so he gets right up with us. With it being so cold the last few days I did not want to have him play outside very long so we have been inventing inside games... Find the treat is one he loves and jumping over " hurdles " he seems to like pretty well too. I think he was actually smiling last night after our jump-a-thon. He also likes to play fetch inside!! Our hall will need to be painted come spring, but it would have needed it by then anyway : ) All in all we think Aiden is a sweet and wonderful dog ! We would love for everyone to know that Aiden is WONDERFUL dog and Rescue/Adoptions are GREAT I wish it were a trend and everyone would want to do it : )



GabbyPearl (formerly Gabby) has been such a joy to our family. Her sister L E Mae loves her so much and they play so well together. Pearl is so cuddly and loves her big new bed, even though she prefers sleeping between my husband and I. She is such a sweetie pie and we love her to death. Next week we are taking her to her first Great Dane meet and Greet with a local group. She loves other dogs and she is very inquisitive. She makes us laugh all the time with the way she runs into things and trips over her own feet. She will grow into her big size soon. She is getting so big and shes only going to get bigger. We love her!




MaddieI just wanted to give you a Maddie update and send you a Christmas picture. Maddie is such a sweet girl and we are enjoying her so much. We have decided that she really is a little lap dog in a giant dog body. I believe she would be perfectly happy if she were able to curl up in our laps and just let us scratch her ears nonstop. She loves attention and loves to be with us. At first she wasn't really sure about the Christmas tree and decorations, but quickly got used to them. We had to move her crate to another corner in the room in order to make room for the Christmas tree, so that was a little stressful for her at first.




TaylorTaylor Dane (formerly Allie) is happy and healthy because you all took such good care of her. I'm glad you picked me to be her momma!!! You made the right choice :) She's well socialized and LOVES her big fat sister, Scout. They play non-stop; Scout is losing weight and Taylor Dane is getting tons of exercise. Needless to say they're getting lots of sleep and Scout is much happier that she has a buddy to run around with. Everybody should have two dogs; It's so worth it!





TobyToby (formerly Quinn) is growing up quick and we are really glad to have him as a part of our lives. He loves to play ball, (yes, he is fetcher already), and he loves going to the park for walks. People always ask what kind of dog he is, and he loves the attention!





DixieI adopted Dixie after fostering her and seeing how well she fit into the family.  She is a great friend for my other dog, and a joy to have around.  I am so thankful to Almost Home for the wonderful work they do and for rescuing her from the pound.  Mary and her team truly love the dogs and are making a difference.





teagan1teagan2Last year was a tough year for me, even before we lost both of our beloved dogs. Unfortunately that made it even harder to cope with. I can deal with heart break in my one way, but it's very difficult for me to watch those I love suffer. My heart broke twice over when my husband's best friend, a 4 year old 125lb Lab/mix, passed away suddenly. He had been very sick but was showing remarkable signs of improvement. We were so crushed when he passed; we had honestly hoped he would recover.

Then we happened on an Almost Home adoption day and I thought maybe looking at puppies might cheer my husband up, although he insisted that he was still too heart broken to think of getting a new dog. No puppy could replace Tucker in his heart. However, Teagan must have known my plan because as soon as we walked up, she jumped into my husband's jacket, and licked him from ear to ear. She saw right through his tearful eyes and melted his broken heart. We filled out our and application that day, and went home and built a fence, feeling hopeful again. Teagan came home a week later and made our family complete again. She even brought life back into my 12 year old German Shepherd and filled his last days with joy as he taught her how to follow mom around and patrol the house.

I was so impressed with all the great work that Almost Home does, that I became a volunteer. After helping at a few adoption days my beloved Buddy passed away. I felt relieved to know he was no longer in pain, but I still missed my shadow. That weekend Mary asked me to take in my first foster, Baloo. He was just what I needed, a playmate for Teagan and a companion for me. So, like many others, I failed at my first attempt to foster, and Baloo came to live with us forever!

If you love dogs, you should volunteer! You’ll fit right in. You can give as little or as much of your heart and time as you want; the payoff is so much more than you could ever dream.



Talon2TalonJune 19, 2008 - We would like to extend our deepest sympathies to Lane and Ravi for their loss of Talon. God bless, and rest in peace, Talon.  When I moved from TX to TN, my two dogs and constant companions Talon the Great Dane and Raja the Irish Wolfhound of course accompanied me.  Talon had been diagnosed with severe craniate cruciate ligament tears, with lameness in the future assured, and I barely had time to cope with this news when Raja suddenly became seriously ill. An exploratory surgery revealed a fast acting lymphoma that had taken over his major organs in a matter of two days.  When Raja passed away, I was heartbroken. I thought that no dog could ever replace him, but when Talon became extremely depressed and lethargic, I knew I had to get a puppy for both our sakes.  Almost by accident, an advertisement for led me to Almost Home Rescue, and when I saw pictures of the Great Dane/Boxer puppies, I knew one would be a perfect fit. I was surprised to find that my heart led me to a puppy who looked nothing like my beloved Dane, but had the sweetest demeanor imaginable. I named her Roxi (Hailey at the time of her adoption), but after a few months I knew she was far too special for the name she shared with her Lab friend in my neighborhood, and so renamed her Ravi, the Hindi word for sun. This name fits her perfectly, because this dog is truly my sunshine. I still can't believe how incredible this little girl is. Talon is absolutely in love with her, and shows more devotion and affection to her than I have ever seen him display toward another dog. She returns this affection with her boundless love, which she has for every person and animal she meets, including my guinea pig, the neighborhood cats, and even birds.


I am so thankful to the dedicated people at Almost Home Rescue who provided me with the opportunity to adopt Ravi. This experience has completely changed my mentality concerning adopted pets-despite working with rescue groups in the past, I think I may have subconsciouly thought of them as slightly less desirable, as I preferred my purebreds. However, Ravi is smarter, more affectionate, and the most eager to please of any dog that has ever been in my life. I believe a lot of those qualities are due to the care and attention given to her by the volunteers at Almost Home, who have the best interests of every dog in their care at heart. I am impressed and thankful to everyone involved who helped bring the brightest part of my day into my life. Thanks so much!-Lane Cryar



TaterTater has been with us for a few weeks and he is part of the family. He and Gracie have become the best of friends. All of Gracie's friends love to come over and play in our back yard with our Tate. He loves to run around and play with the toy tire we bought him. He flips it up into the air and wears it around his snout! We sure do enjoy him and are happy with our decision to adopt a Dane. He's beautiful.





asherasherAlthough it hasn't even been a week since Zane (now Asher) came to live with me (and my other dog Mattie) it feels like he's been with us for much longer. We go for a walk every morning and play ball and swim most afternoons. He just goes along with whatever we do as if he "knows the ropes" already. My little Mattie and I were heartbroken when my lab, Parker, died early this summer. I thought she had handled the loss better than I had, but I started noticing some anxiety issues she was having. The worst one was that she started licking her paws excessively until she was raw between her toes. One day she chewed her leash in half while we were on the greenway. I had to go to PetSmart that afternoon to buy a new leash and that's when I saw the cutest face ever. Since Zane came to live with us I have not seen her licking excessively at all. Not only that, but she seems to be doing more than just tolerating his new presence in our home. They run together when I let them off leash in the yard and they sleep on their beds which are next to each other. Zane has been a true blessing around here as he has really livened things up! I love him. I love his big head, his passionate kisses, and his happy go lucky nature.



LarkWe adopted Lark in August. Lark has been an awesome addition to our family. She absolutely adores her older sister Ruby-doo, and loves to plop down right on top of her whenever they lay down together. Ruby has grown attached to Lark so much that if Lark is playing with another dog Ruby gets jealous. I saw Lark for the first time in June and fell in love with her the minute I laid eyes on her. She had the same effect on Laura the day I brought her home, and since she's been making everyone love her the same way. I work at petsmart as a pet trainer and Lark has helped me a lot at work socializing other dogs because she is so calm and sweet. She goes no where without being noticed and loved on. She had a rough first day because Ruby was very possesive of Laura and I but she got over that quickly and was accepted as part of the family. Ruby-doo and Lark absolutely love going to the dog park and stretching out those long legs by chasing each other all over the place. They are both very protective of each other. Lark truly has been a blessing.




JayjayJust thought I'd give you an update on Jay Baloo, we're convinced that we have the sweetest dogs in the world! Jay Baloo and Mya are best friends now, in fact, they may be in love... lol! They eat side by side everyday without even a hint of a problem, and they even share bones like pros. That was not our idea, seems like just like to share the bones or swap bones with each other :-) Either way, they get along great! Jay Baloo also had his first Vet appointment about 2 weeks ago, he did great and everyone LOVED him... although what's not to love!





GraceThank you, Almost Home, for matching our family with Grace and for gently coaching us through those first couple of weeks as we all adjusted to each other. As you can see in the photo, the little boy who once cried, “I don’t like that big dog. I want her to go back,” is now thoroughly smitten, and the feeling is mutual. Gracie loves having children to play with in the back yard, and the kids love having a dog with the energy to keep up with them. We grown-ups are grateful for Grace’s energy and the motivation it gives us to walk and jog with her. We’re losing weight and getting in better shape thanks to Grace’s need for exercise.


Click here for the rest of Grace's heartwarming story and more photos!



BelleBelle is doing great! She is a beautiful dog and we’re so glad that she’s come into our lives. It was tough after we lost Spencer – but I akin it to having a second child – doesn’t mean you love the first one any less, right? We sorta feel like we’ve gone from having a salty, sometimes grumpy old man in the house to a vibrant energetic teenage girl :) definitely a different vibe – but one that has injected some excitement into our household, that’s for sure. We adore her!




PhoebePhoebe (right) is doing wonderful. Rocky and her are getting along great. She loves to run around in the yard, but would rather be curled up on the couch with us. She is very calm for a weim. We love her and thank you for letting us adopt her.






JusticeHere's a picture of our baby boy (formerly Justice). He's doing so good. He's in obedience class, although I must admit he'd rather play with the other dogs in class than learn a new command. There are three other Danes in his class, so he has a ball playing with them! He weighs 85 lbs. His brother Pete (rottie) loves him, too. Thanks so much for trusting us with him.







LibertyJust a quick update about Molly (formerly Liberty)- She is such a gentle sweet girl. We love her. She gets along very well with Hedi and loves to be loved on by our girls. Here is a picture of he with Hedi - They were mouthing each other on the bed but it where the picture catches them it looks like they are talking to us...






ScoutScout has become our constant companion. I believe that she is quite possibly the sweetest dog in the whole world. She follows us everywhere. When we move to another room she has to come with us. The crate situation has definitely gotten better. She will go in if you say" Scout go to your bed." She loves walks and running full speed in the backyard. She has tons of toys and has been known to sleep with them. I attached some pictures of her. She also loves the water and when we go on walks she wants to go in the river if we go to the greenway. She hates baths though. She has a favorite toy named by me called Nobby that she has with her at all times even when she wakes up for a brief moment when my husband gets home from work she will go get him and start chewing. She has learned to sleep like a person, with her head on the pillow just like us. We love her VERY much and could not ask for a better dog. Thanks so much!



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