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Animal Lovers Team to Rescue Shiner

Shiner, a weimaraner who is roughly seven years old, was picked up found in a landfill in West Tennessee by a Brownsville animal shelter. The dog weighed about 45 lbs., approximately 35 pounds under its normal weight and was badly in need of medical care and nourishment.


Predators Foundation Honors Almost Home

Almost Home is humbled to be honored by the Nashville Predators Foundation. The video below shows two of our Almost Home dogs, Indy and Bodie, accepting the grant check.



Neglected Tennessee Horses Finding Greener Pastures

The last of more than 80 recuperating horses have been coaxed onto trailers to leave the Tennessee State Fairgrounds in Nashville after the Humane Society's dramatic rescue just before Thanksgiving. Some have departed for permanent homes. Many are still awaiting adoption. Those that haven't found long-term residences are in foster "homes," or they're stabled with Horse Haven of Tennessee in Knoxville, Volunteer Equine Advocates of Gallatin, or Almost Home Animal Rescue of Rutherford County, the groups handling their placement. They are part of what is believed to be an increasing number of horses that are no longer wanted by their owners and can be neglected, starved or abused, according to a survey by the Unwanted Horse Coalition. There are no firm numbers for how many horses are abandoned each year in the U.S. beyond a general figure that tens of thousands of horses are sent for slaughter outside the country each year. The reasons horses are left unwanted, however, are many.


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